Hotel Monaco, Chestnut Street Philadelphia
Hotel Monaco

After shooting zero weddings thru Covid pandemic I am excited to be back in the industry. It’s a challenge, interacting with wedding parties, families, and guests. Also to mask or maskless is my own personal decision, however it’s a feeling out period with other vendors, and the bride & groom. Myself however, in shooting these I feel at-risk to some extent, and owe it to others to protect them from my possible positivity.

Having said that, I’m full mirrorless. A total upgrade to my camera, and switched over from the more traditional ‘video camera’ format of my Sony X70. I’m loving the FX-3, it’s a sick wedding camera, quick auto-focus, and a beast in low-light come dance floor time. This is great news for you so that I don’t become Uncle Bob at your wedding shining my bright light into your guests faces as they’re out on the dance floor. It’s also sharp for events like first dance and toasts.

Apparently vendors seem to be in short supply, I heard already it’s been hard to find a videographer in the Philadelphia region. It’s been a busy season since alot of 2020 weddings rescheduled, and most 2021 wedding picked the later half of the year. It’s been an almost doubling up of demand without a matching supply to meet the need.Understandably some videographers and vendors maybe are limiting their dates and availability, or any weekend warriors who do this part time while working M-F have left the game.

It’s good to be back. Worked with a DJ I knew already, as well as the Syd Miller Band, and Ot the maitre de of the gorgeous Ballroom At The Ben. It’s been good to see old friends still in it. I’m glad to be back.

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