Wedding DJ & Video Packages

Wedding DJ & Video Packages

Believe it or not, wedding DJ’s and Videographers can work hand in hand, not only at the end of the night, but occasionally for outdoor & daytime ceremonies.

You see, I like to capture quality audio, and obtain multiple sources. I like to mic the groom up, plus have my cameras natural audio as well. Ideally, if I can (and am allowed) I ask the DJ if I can plug a small audio recorder into their board or speakers. Normally, I’m allowed. Occasionally, if they’re an amatuer or have lesser equipment, I’m told no or they’ve never heard of this before. Which I find a little bit odd as it’s common among the videographers I know.

More importantly however, for you the bride & groom, is getting a crowded dance floor out there. It’s generally easy to do, but entirely possible to read the crowd wrong, or the evening, and flop. I once had a DJ give me his business card on a night the dance floor was mostly empty?!  I was pretty stunned, like, buddy, worry about getting guests onto the floor or the bridal party dancing. Don’t worry about marketing to me. A simple ask of the bridal parties fave song or the parents should be a start.

Also, it makes it a challenge for me to edit the video, when there’s little to no one dancing. The timing gets thrown off to only include 10 seconds at the end of a highlights trailer, or 30 seconds to a minute at the end of a 1 hour full length.

Plus, and moreso, your guests WANT TO HAVE FUN!!  They want to celebrate your night!  And, you want to have fun too, right? See your parents dance to Icona Pop’s ‘I don’t Care’, or Aunt & Uncle boogie to Jackson 5’s ‘I Want You Back’. Or best yet, every married couple in the place slow dance to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’.  Now that makes a great wedding video, alot for me to choose from.

Starting at $2895 you’ll earn a top Wedding DJ who I can assure you you’ll have a blast with your guests, as well as pristine 8 hour video coverage for your day!

$2895 Wedding DJ & Videography package

  • 8 hours Video Coverage
  • 5 hours DJ Services
  • Add-on Services and Hours Available Upon Request


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