Considering Videography

Are you considering wedding videography for your special day?

Wedding photography captures a moment in time, videography tells a story. More and more, videography is important for ones special day. With the amount spent on a wedding, it’s worth it to invest in video in order to relive your big day, for both the two of you, as well as with friends & family. I want you to be proud of your wedding, and share it on social media showing your wedding day was flawless (even tho it might not have been, I edit that out:)

Why me?

So that’s the big question I want to solve for you. Why should you hire me? I’ll preface that by saying I’m entirely modest, so while it isn’t exactly my forte, I can say with absolute conviction that I’m worth it. I’ve shot alot of these, nearly 150, and I’ve never let 1 bride or groom down. Never been late (not even a minute), never botched an important moment, been easy to work with for every couple, and gotten along with nearly all photographers, DJ’s, and venues. Can’t please ’em all tho right?

I work hard, on the day of, I try to be a ninja, hardly in your way, but telling jokes & keeping the moment light as best I can, even when things are tense. With that said, I know when to keep quiet.

Secondly, I have great gear, and I know how to use it. My gear is specific to weddings, and I tend to shoot long form/documentary. No ‘ghosting’ while I change my lens, or go off and shoot wildlife or nature scenes for 20 minutes because I want to put it into your hightlights video.

Long Form Plus Highlights

I tend to shoot alot, shoot it all, edit it into a finely tuned highlights reel. That means I’m with you & your photographer quite a bit. This is important because many videography studios will only shoot for highlights, and give to you a quickly edited 10 minute reel of your day.

View my highlights, yet know for each wedding I also supply a long form fully edited DVD/USB of their wedding day. Set to music and edited for time, it still delivers impact of rewatching your ENTIRE wedding day, not just the highlights.

Pen Ryn Estate Asian Wedding Videographer