Wedding Videography Pricing

In recent times couples have been increasingly questioning whether or not to get their wedding videotaped or not. We can answer that question for you.

My work gets you both an edited ‘highlights reel’ for a quick recap to share with friends and family, as well as a full length edited version of your day. This is important to me because I’ve found a lot of videography firms now avoid giving you a full length version and try to edit your day down to a 20-30 minutes version, according to their tastes, not yours. If your still unsure or considering a choice in videography, you can read more about why I am committed to capturing your day here.

Seven – $1795

Includes 7 hour coverage. Includes wireless mic during ceremony, full formal sessions and bridal party coverage. All major events captured with 2 HD cameras. Reception introduction, first dance, speeches/toasts, as well as any dance floor coverage captured within the 7 hour agreement. Fully edited internet trailer (3-5 minutes) as well as full length DVD.

Ten – $2295

10 hour package. Time can be used to add a bridal prep session before the ceremony, plenty of dance floor footage captured, guest interviews (if time & guests allow), This package is the best or all-inclusive moments, yet offers the time for creativity using extra equipment & techniques. Perfect way to add the touches to your wedding day footage, for little additional cost.



2nd Shooter – $550

I shoot solo, however I use 2 cameras during the important events such as the ceremony, 1st dance, toasts etc. Mostly, it’s for taste & creativity, things like cutaway shots to the bride laughing during toasts, closeups during ceremony (Security is another, although I’ve never had a camera or card fail). As a solo shooter, I can typically capture a lot, nearly all my trailers I’ve shot on my own. However based upon timeframes and locations (bridal prep/groom prep), covering everything may not always be doable. With that said adding on another of the areas best videographers can be a great way to capture more within your day, yet I can also place a greater emphasis on having the detail shots of your day included.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the best impression.

Raw Footage – $395

– I spend hours editing your wedding, to make it look as nice as you’d possibly like to see your day. Therefore, it’s not my desire to lessen what I’m offering to you, as I always watch each clip individually and put nearly all the moments into the final edit. In addition, the raw footage is not some hour & fourty minute linear clip where I cut out certain scenes here & there to trim it up. It’s about 300 video clips & media files of varying lengths (5 seconds to several minutes). Clips are also shot in a file format not compatible with most computers & I need to convert them to Quicktime or MP4.