Recommended Vendors


Josh Dehonney – Josh is great. Not only does he have a great porfolio and do really nice work, he also interacts well with the bride and groom and yes, even the disinterested groomsmen. He can ad-lib making dull moments fun, and has an eye for creative ways to pull off shots exploiting colors, scenery, and sunlight.

Dan Mezick – I’ve worked with Dan a few times now, from Center City to New Hope to South Jersey, and have found him to be one of the better wedding photographers to work with. From a bride & grooms POV, as well as my own. What’s better is he does great work and his portfolio & service speaks for itself!

Wedding DJ/Emcee

Dan Williams – Dan is lit. A true professional who knows how to get a party started among all age groups, yet adds his own style & skills to Wow! an audience. Keeps it within reason tho, would love to see him go all out.

Adam Moyer – Having worked over 100 weddiings, admittedly my DJ recommendations seem sparse?! I suppose I’m picky, and a few just never spoke to much, for better or worse. I recently worked with Adam on a wedding that was just great all around, no slight to him. It was nice to see the DJ pull thru & keep in entertaining, get the dance floor going, perfect song selection, and on a personal note not just completely blast loud music in the Thoroughly-Unqualified-WeddingDJSchool-Of-Thought that the louder it is the more fun people are having. Adams great, completely professional during the Toasts, Blessing, Cake Cutting, Garter/Bouquet & all. Bonus points: He made it happen on a Sunday wedding, in which evenings can become challenging with people wanting to leave to prepare for work on Monday. Monday was the furthest thing from their minds.

Cleveland was great to work with. Totally appeals his playlist to guests of all ages, not sticking with the philosphy of ‘Let’s just play a few oldies & Twist & Shouts & get it outta the way then blast Turndt Down for What & get this nightclub going..’ He kept kids, parents, grandparents & twentysomethings out there the whole evening. A true professional as well, with the Photog & I, the venue, and bridal party/family. Bonus Points – We’re both enlightened to the joys of Whitney Houston’s epic “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”


Mack Stylist – Mackenzie actually has a salon not too far from me. We had never met the first time we worked together, which was about an hour away in a beautiful fall wedding at a barn setting up in New Hope, PA. She does great work, yet works very well with the bride and bridesmaids, giving opinions, suggestions, and things about hair/MUA that I’ll never know:) She’s dope!


Photobooth Events – I’ve worked with Greg at Photo Booth Events and I give him alot of credit. He tries his best to interact with the guests, making it fun for them, bringing a ton of props, wardrobe and costume pieces, for them to reinvent themselves for that moment captured in time. Leaving you with lasting memories of the best night of your life in which you didn’t always see.