Save The Date Video

Purpose Of Your Save The Date Video

Save The Date videos have grown in popularity over the years. For myself, I’ve had a noticeable increase in inquiries since the start of the pandemic. Couples holed up at home, wanted to get out for a day, time saved shopping online for knick knack & detail items for their wedding. What better way to be outdoors together than build the hype about your future wedding date.


Couples intentions in creating their Save The Date is two fold. First, it gives a visual cue and story to the couple. Expressing love, emotion, and commitment to one another. Second, it places the viewers mind to a different place in the future, away from the current norm. And, being winter 2021/2022, the future (hopefully!) will be again a better place than now.

Hilal & Shah Save The Date

Video Creation

Creating the video is a fairly quick, seemless process. It start with an introductory call to discuss your thoughts and ideas, and location recommendations. Since it isn’t your wedding day, options are near unlimited on where to shoot it, since we are without time constraints. It can be in the city, a park, near a river or stream, or one of many ‘famous’ locations such as the Art Museum, Love Park, City Hall or Valley Forge Park.

Then, we pick a date, with a rain date or two as backup. Attend and dress accordingly, and we’ll go thru our shots. I may need to shoot alot, or alot more than you think, but overall we should be complete in about an hour. I’ll take any input you two have, but also have my own ideas and creative vision.

Then, any text and messages you’d like written on the video, and well as song choice or styling. (Please note: All music will be licensed music where I pay to be royalty free. In otherwords, I do not use popular music such as Taylor Swift or Maroon 5). Turnaround time after shooting may be upwards of two weeks, although likely sooner. Then, you’ll receive a shareable link to view and distribute to friends, family, and wedding guests.

Singed, sealed, delivered. Let the hype of the area’s best wedding day eva begin!

Get Started

Reach out to me to discuss more or to book your Save The Date Video today!