Save The Date Video

Why Create A Save The Date Video?

Save The Date videos are generating alot of interest lately. In this post, I want to take a look at what exactly is the purpose of creating one, and why it will benefit both you and your wedding guests.

In order to do so, first I want to take a look at what initially is a Save The Date, in it’s OG form. So, what is a more tradition version of it?

Purpose Of Save The Dates

The intent of the Save The Date is to notify upcoming guests of your engagement, even though a good amount heard about it, it is likely that many have not. Even though they inevitably knew it was coming. With that said, when they hear you are engaged is quite different from them being informed when, where, and if extended friends or family, if they are invited. It they made the cut list, so to speak. This confirms that their invited, gives them time to prepare for something to look forward to months in advance (get those suits & dresses ready folks! Evening best), and also allows them to make necessary plans such as babysitting, travel or hotel arrangements.

So, it’s a way of telling them both that yes, you are now officially getting married. Yet also that yes, they are going to be invited. So it might not yet have the full details, nor is in the formal invitation (Those are still sent via mail, although I would love to do one via livestream on a virtual set:)

Save The Date

So, Why Video?

Well, mail is great. However, the drawback to regular mail for Save The Dates is that I don’t feel the medium is as lasting. Since it is not the formal invitation, people will not be as likely to hang on to it. It’s kinda like receiving Happy Holidays cards during the holidays. “That’s nice” one will think before putting it aside. Mailed Save The Dates can have a similar, short lasting impression.

That isn’t to say they’re unnecessary, it’s just my belief that the video format creates more impact. It’s why the CPM for TV advertising will sell at a higher rate that print ads. It keeps their attention for the full 30 seconds, not a quick glance thru their peripheral vision. I also feel the video format will create a bona fide added value to both the intentions, as well as to the guests. It’s a lovely video, detailing love. Something we all will appreciate.

So what does the couple do with the video? They will have the ability to share it on their own social, send to an email list, I even offered to give it to them via dropbox for their own safe keeping years down the line.

So, if you will be getting married soon, and are considering wedding videography, don’t forget to consider creating a Save The Date video. It’s a great way to do storytelling about you as a couple, and prepare your friends and family to anticipate your upcoming wedding. I allow freedom and artistic/creative decision making to you if you prefer, and will work with you on telling the story in the video format, as well as location scouting and selection.

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