I’m a videographer by trade, and by that I mean I know all things video inside out. However, I take weddings to a whole ‘nother level. See, I view your wedding day as a story you’d like to have retold, and I’d like to be the one to re-tell it. I wanna hang out with the groom & his groomsmen as they put their ties & jackets on, mess with their cufflinks, strap on the watch, and shakes Dads hand. I wanna hang out with your bridesmaids, as you get your hair & makeup done, listening to Beyonce on your Spotify, and slay. I wanna record Mom as she adjust the back of your dress, capture you putting on your earrings in front of a mirror, and do a reveal with Dad.

It’s also the details throughout the day which make your story unique. The flowers, the invitations, and signs, seating & table charts, table centerpieces at the venue. Along with the important moments like the ceremony, introductions, first dance, cake cutting and everything else.

As for style & day of logistics, I tend to be quick & work well with your photographer (within reason, in rare instances I find newbies more challenging than professionals). As they pose, I shoot, albeit, not always a straight on angle, drifting to capture different angles, closeups, and capturing the laughter & joking around in between shots. This captures the best of poses and moments, yet alleviates you from your time so you can enjoy more of the moments of your wedding day!

It goes by fast.

I once worked for a studio/chain which outsourced their videographers they sent out. It wasn’t a bad workflow, however I strongly disagreed with their format. For starters, they didn’t have me even speak with the bride & groom before their wedding day, I wasn’t provided their phone numbers?! Second, it was a two camera person shoot, and I wasn’t even given the other videographers numbers, just a name, Tom we’ll call him. Tom spoke to me about how it was only his second wedding he ever shot, but bragged about all the union & corporate work he did. Yet he took no interest in my background of having shot over 200 weddings, nor asked for much advice or tips on what & how to shoot. It nearly turned me off to the industry, only I like them too much!

You Will Want To Relive Your Day

Wedding videography captures something photography does not. The ability to relive it. While photography gives you the opportunity to remember what happened, it will not enable you to take that emotional roller coaster of seeing the day unfold in vivid detail.

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Small Unnoticeable Team

Unlike numerous ‘cinematic’ video teams in recent times, I prefer to remain unobtrusive, and not demanding of your time. Your day moves by fast, a video and photo team working together makes capturing the memories a seamless fit.

Eagles Wedding

Save The Date Video

I want your guests to be as excited about your wedding day as you are! You’re excited, right? Then why not make them just as excited, or even moreso. A Save The Date video is a great way to surprise your friends and family with a gift, and thank you for both being there, and accepting to come to your special day!


Are you in need of video and photo packages? I have a resource of photographers I recommend highly, and offer photography services for a limited amount of weddings per year.

Slo Motion Video

Better than a photo booth, slo motion video captures the fun expressions instead of a snapshot moment in time.

Looking For Photography & DJ Packages?

Having relatable vendors can help your wedding day run smoothly. Photographers & DJ’s interact closely throughout the day, often in ways you the couple wouldn’t see. Click here to read on Wedding DJ & Videography services.

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